Ceramic Group

Founded in the mid-60s, this important ceramic group has achieved leadership positions in the global ceramic industry thanks to an ethical vision of its mission, based on values of innovation, research, internationalization, local roots, respect for the environment and social responsibility.


• UI/UX Design
• Back-end dev
• Telegram SDK

The Challenge

The submitted challenge was to develop a digital tool that would allow sales team members to access a real time information database on production and warehouse departments.

The main goal was to allow sales clerks to provide answers to their customers on time, even when they’re abroad, in order to avoid waiting for feedback from headquarters.

The Solution

In collaboration with the group’s IT department, we decided on developing a BOT based on Telegram technology. The application was already installed on company devices. The final project was a BOT connected to the company’s information systems, which was able to interact with Telegram’s API.

Thanks to this solution, sales clerks will be able to not only communicate with BOT, but to also simply and rapidly obtain updated information about all of the company’s products.

Integrated With Group’s Information Systems

Thanks to an integration with the group’s information systems, each authorized employee can access, every time and everywhere, the production and warehouse departments’ updated information in real time. This way, they are able to research and obtain information about products.

Integration with Telegram

Thanks to integration with Telegram’s API, we’ve built a simple and intuitive interface, usable by anyone after a short training period. To make the BOT more effective and faster to use, we’ve implemented special features such as Keyboard in line, Edit Message tool and Telegram layout.

Scalable and Modular

We’ve built and designed this BOT technology in order for it to be integrated with any type of technological infrastructure. This allow us to install it easily on other groups brand’s devices, making it available immediately. If necessary, it can even be adopted for other group’s companies.  


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