Mumble has been developing digital products for 10 years, helping companies extend or improve their product offerings (physical or not) through tailor-made and easy-to-use digital tools.

These allow Brands to evolve their Customer Experience aligning it with the post-digital context, to distinguish themselves from competitors, and, often, to launch new business lines. They also streamline internal processes, making them more efficient, effective, and measurable, and enabling more informed, data-driven decisions.

The experience we acquired during these years allows us to understand the most valuable assets related to these topics very well. As a result, it will enable us to concentrate our efforts and investments toward clear and impactful objectives. As every year, they turn into a growth plan.

The goal this year is focused on three main pillars: People, Operation and Company.


People are the main element of Mumble: they make possible the development of reliable and high-quality digital products allowing the growth of the organization and business continuity for our Customers. In this perspective, we are planning to invest and use tools to attract, maintain and form continuously the best digital talents.

Well-being program: Mumble cares deeply for its people and because of this it is committed to making work activities as pleasant as possible: an important Welfare plan, 1-to-1 sessions with a mental coach, welcome kit, hourly and working flexibility, Inspiring and international projects are just some of the actions we invest in to make the work environment enjoyable, motivating and fun. Thanks to the “Mumble Education Program” each Mumbler is supported by a precise personal and professional growth path, keeping up with the times and aligned with the most innovative and cutting-edge technological standards.

Offices and shared spaces: in full contrast with the historical period in which we are living, Mumble has decided to invest in common spaces. A new office of over 400 meters where designers, developers, and product managers work together every day, with our Customers, developing fantastic digital products. We believe that presence teamwork can generate more impactful ideas and solutions than remote working and for this reason, we try to encourage it.


Our main goal is to release complex, reliable, and high-quality digital products. To achieve these results we invest in internal R&D projects, through the conception and development of proprietary products or semi-finished products and in the efficiency and control of development processes.

Processes: Through automated procedures and investments in the right tools we can reduce the lead time and accelerate the delivery of high-quality software.

ISO: the certification procedure of all company processes continues. Through regular audits carried out by certified bodies, we wish to communicate to customers, once more, our commitment to producing high-quality digital products.

R&D: Behind the simple and pleasant look of the tools we develop are hidden complex proprietary technologies that we devise, develop, and maintain daily. This is a distinctive element to offer Mumble Customers better digital products with more quality and efficiency, benefits on go-to-market, and cost efficiency.

TheOtherDevs: We want to provide every developer with resources, tips, and ideas developed during our years of experience in the coding world. The aim of TheOtherDevs is also (but not only) to offer developers solutions to issues that they may encounter during development thanks to quick tips & tricks created by our team.


The organization is the system that holds together People, Customers, and Partners. We are investing to offer the Mumblers the best working conditions possible and to the external stakeholders’ reliability, quality and expertise.

Brand position: During these years Mumble identity evolved considerably and today needs a new positioning. Thanks to the precious collaboration with Discromie Digitali we are giving a more up-to-date and in line with our current personality look, fundamental to show the growth of the marketing and sales department.

Organizational culture: to achieve great goals we need a motivated, hungry, and aware of the management direction team. So we invested to redefine the vision, mission, and company values through a project shared with the whole team. We need to thank our mental coach Costantino that helped in this long but stimulating process.

Data-Driven Company: we are aware that, to define the course of our future, it’s necessary to know, first of all, the starting point. Mumble then decided to invest in a new CRM that will help us collect, aggregate data, and take well-informed data-driven decisions. Through the OKRs approach (that we’ll make public) we are going to work to reach future goals.

Neutral Company: our commitment towards the Planet continues. We have to give future generations a better Earth than the one we found it. While we are a small reality we can’t turn around but we must contribute to this mission. Thanks to the collaboration with U2Y Mumble is committed to compensating for the CO2 emitted each month due to the smooth running of the work activities, achieving the status of Carbon Neutral Company. Our goal is to become a B-Corp within 2024.