Case Study


Configuratore “Pixel 41”

Create your custom pattern in a few steps

  • Customer: 41zero42
  • Settore: Ceramic
  • Servizio: Web Configurator
  • Duration: 1 months
  • Team Size: 2
Customer & Challenge

41zero42 is a company from Modena, a territory famous for the ceramic sector, which wants to be a creative space aimed at the excellence of ceramics, the importance of its research and its contents. The company aims to combine ceramic materials with interior design, creating products of a craft character, with neutral colors and shades and minimalist atmospheres. Every project must transmit and convey a story.

41zero42 launches the collection pixel41, a series of floor and wall tiles in 41 colors of 1 single format (11,55×11,55mm). The wide range of colors allows you to design infinite solutions. Countless atmospheres can be created with this collection: 40’s motifs, 80’s video games, Techno music equalizers, Soviet pools. However, how can it be possible to bring out all the potential of colors? Usually, with all the other collections, photographs were taken and a catalog showing all the shots. That would not have been enough. The company therefore relied on Mumble for the creation of a configurator, with 20 repeatable models and achievable with the color scheme that the user prefers.

The laying patterns are many and depending on the colors and stucco chosen these take on a totally different look.

“Takeaway” Solution

1. Overview

The Pixel41 collection is much more extensive than the others and for the customer, therefore, it would have been much more difficult to imagine the final result. The reseller often does not have the ability to show the end result using software like CAD, so the end customer must imagine the result. It is much more difficult in this way, however, to bring out all the potential of the collection. Here is that 41zero42 has entrusted to Mumble for the realization of the configurator, where there are 20 laying patterns with repeated patterns in which the user can customize choosing the color of the tiles and grout.

2. Infinite combinations and final rendering in real-time

As previously written, since there are 20 different colors, various stucco colors and 20 laying patterns the possible combinations are many. The configurator, however, allows the user to see in real time the final result, simplifying the choice and simplifying the work of the reseller.

3. Orders just in a click

Imagine that you are the retailer, you have received from the customer the image of the pose he would like to realize and now you have to do all the calculations to understand how many and which products to order. It would be a very long work, but fortunately the configurator also simplifies the process of buying materials to the seller. How? The customer, in addition to choosing the scheme, the color of the tiles and grout also selects the square footage to be made, in this way the dealer also receives the materials and quantities necessary for the project directly.

4. Innovative brand

Competition is increasing in any industry. How to stand out? Trying to be innovative, realizing something new and that can support the customer. The configurator is a tool that has never been used before in a sector like ceramics.

Patterns made


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