Case Study

Assicuratrice Milanese

Web-app “Sì scuola prima”

Manage school insurance policies simply and intuitively.

  • Customer: Assicuratrice Milanese
  • Settore: Insurance
  • Servizio: Web Dashboar
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Team Size: 2
Customer & Challenge

Assicuratrice Milanese is an Italian company that has been operating in the insurance market for more than thirty years. The company offers insurance policies in several sectors: medical, professionals, small and large businesses, vehicles, housing and health.

Digitalization in recent years has involved more and more sectors, including insurance. This was a big advantage because it allowed companies to speed up and streamline business processes. Assicuratrice Milanese, for this reason, has decided to rely on Mumble to optimize the management and communication processes in the educational sector.

“Takeaway” Solution

1. Overview

Assicuratrice Milanese has decided to strengthen its position in the education sector by making digital the process of management, organization and communication policies with schools. The company relied on Mumble to build a dashboard that could be useful not only for the company, but also for its customers.

2. Lean management for the company

Digitization and simplification are often accompanied and this is just one of those cases. For the Assicuratrice Milanese team, post-its, reminders and excel sheets have been replaced by the dashboard created by Mumble. The team creates profiles of new customers in just a few clicks, associates active policies and controls and manages the progress of claims.

3. Stop emails and calls: just a click

We have seen how a dashboard can simplify and automate the processes of Assicuratrice Milanese and at the same time allows to offer a simpler, faster and more effective service to its customers. When you open a ticket per left, you won’t need to make a thousand phone calls, but from your portal the school can open the autonomy ticket, indicate all the necessary data and check the progress. Moreover, schools will always have all the information and expiry of their policies at their fingertips.

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