Case Study

Canossa Events

Automotive news, breathtaking routes and personal garages in a Mobile App.

  • Customer: Canossa Events SpA
  • Sector: Events & Automotive
  • Service: UX, UI, iOS & Android Dev, System integration, Back-end
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Team Size: 6
  • Product / integration:MBurger, MPush
Customer & Challenge

Canossa Events, born in 2011, strengthened its presence on the market in 2019, joining Motorsport Network. With over 130 young people and more than 250 events per year it is the largest team that organizes automotive events in Italy.

What’s the Canossa Events’ mission? It is to create memorable events with the automotive industry at the centre: luxury toursgreat ralliesengaging product presentations and exciting test drives.

Canossa’s objective is to make these events memorable through an App that could improve the experience before, after and during the event

“Takeaway” Solution

1. Mobile App Overview

Mumble has supported the Customer in achieving the goal by creating an App that engages and entertains users in different ways. The App, in fact, allows the user to discover past and future eventsexplore fantastic road-trips and stay up to date with news about the world of engines.

Canossa event
Canossa event

2. Get inspired by fantastic routes

The motto of Canossa is “There is no road to happiness. Happiness IS the road” and, by checking on the fantastic routes that are proposed, you will understand why. Exciting roads and breathtaking landscapes are the essence of the roads of Italy proposed by Canossa: car tours chosen by experts that users can discover to plan their next trip.

Canossa event
Canossa event

3. Never lose a news from the world of engines!

The user is also supported during events, thanks to live notifications. For example, if the user is participating an automotive event and an issue that cause a detour, he is instantly notified. Canossa can only route notifications to event attendees as each customer accesses the MBurger Suite Engagement Platform provided by Mumble.

Canossa event
Canossa event

4. Your memories always with you

Thanks to an evolved Tagging system, possible through the integration with the Canossa CRM, customers will automatically find on the profile of their App the photos that see them involved in first person during the event! Not bad, right? 

The best memories for an engines lover are their cars. The user has the option to create a virtual garage and add all their cars. Each of these will have its own card with all the details, so you always have them available.

Canossa event
Canossa event

5. Analytics

Mumble supported the Canossa Marketing Team to map, identify and track their main App’s KPIs, providing them in real time thanks to integration with Firebase.

Technology Stack
  • Android/iOS: Flutter Dart
App downloads
Active users per month

“The work done with the Mumble Team was precise and effective, what I appreciate most was their attention to our needs and the speed of response to all our requests.”
Manuel R.


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