Case Study

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Learn to better manage stress, track progress and reach your goals during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Customer: National Center for PTSD
  • Sector: Health and well-being
  • Service: iOS & Android Dev
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Team Size: 4
  • Product / integration: MBurger (CMS Headless)
Customer & Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the lives of all of us, upsetting our way of living and thinking. Among the side effects produced, the disturbances on the mental and psychological health of young and frail people have increased.

A positive side of the pandemic is that it happened in a historical period where being alone does not entirely mean being alone: thanks to tools such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and television people, even if in isolation, could easily feel in company through the devices and the various services they offer.

Using these tools to the fullest, the National Center for PTSD wanted to help people manage pandemic stress by relying on Mumble to build a Mobile App called Covid Coach.

“Takeaway” Solution

1. Mobile App Overview

As anticipated, Covid Coach was created with the aim of reassuring and giving useful advice during the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular educating users on how to better manage the complex period, how to manage contacts with positives or even how best to deal with a mourning in this difficult historical moment.

The App is structured in 4 main areas: Learn, Manage Stress, Resources and Mood Check. Each of these areas have a very specific objective and content: let’s look at them in detail.

2. Get tips and activities to improve your well-being

This section contains textual contents divided into categories: staying well, staying balanced, staying together, staying safe and staying healthy. In each of these categories the user can find information, receive advice and follow useful activities to protect themselves from Covid and improve their mental health.

These include, for example, ‘handwash like a pro’, a tutorial that shows people how to properly wash their hands. It could seem a simple action, but the whole is made more engaging thanks to the use of illustrations made by Ellen Forney of the Washington Post. In addition, at the end of each text, there are recommended Tools, that are related activities of which we will talk later. 

3. Learn to manage stress and win your challenges

La pandemia ha messo a dura prova la gestione dello stress di tante persone, le quali hanno cercato in molti modi di distrarsi o trovare soluzioni per sentirsi meglio e per migliorare il proprio benessere. Grazie alla sezione Manage Stress, gli utenti possono selezionare e praticare attività (toolsutili per rilassarsi ed imparare a gestire meglio lo stress. Per mantenere gli utenti stimolati e coinvolti sono poi state introdotte le Challenges, sfide personali che stimolano gli utenti a concludere gli esercizi e raggiungere i propri traguardi.

4. Resources, Insights, and Support

During the pandemic, people felt more fragile, insecure and in need for more ‘support’.  However perform relaxing activities, watch videos or positive images is not always enough to feel betteradditional support from specialists, doctors or other professionals may be needed. Within this section the user can find emergency numbers (suicide prevention, sexual assault and sexual violence hotlines…) or useful sites to contact or consult in case of emergencies.

5. Set your goals and track your progress

It’s important, when working on yourself, to track and measure progress and achieved goals. Thanks to the Mood Check section, users can monitor factors such as well-being, anxiety, mood and PTSD (post-traumatic symptoms), set goals and track their progress.

Technology Stack
  • Android: Java & Kotlin & XML
  • iOS: Objective C & Swift
App downloads
Active users per month

“I love this app. Helps me track goals for me and my family, so that I can remain focused on the present. These are HARD TIMES and this app helps me do a little bit each day to hold on to my sanity. Thank you Dept of Veterans Affairs for bringing this into the world at a time it is so badly needed.”
Oliver O.

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