Case Study


Web dashboard

Easier management for agents

  • Customer: Dentaurum
  • Settore: Health
  • Servizio: Web dashboard
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Team Size: 1
Customer & Challenge

Dentaurum is one of the oldest companies in the dental supply market. It’s a business that tries to achieve state-of-the-art and constantly evolving, focusing on innovation, production capacity, quality, and service. Also, Dentaurum is a company very careful to market changes thanks to the existence of dealers and representatives in more than 130 countries worldwide. For this reason, he was looking for an innovative solution that would facilitate and make the agents’ work more fluid. 

“Takeaway” Solution

1. Overview

The challenge proposed by Dentaurum at Mumble was to develop a dashboard that could facilitate the purchase process for its agents and the management of its customer base. Mumble built a platform (usable from desktop and mobile devices) that, besides doing this, could allow the agents to navigate the catalog in real-time to provide accurate and timely information to customers.

2. Infinite combinations and final rendering in real-time

The first 3 sections of the platform were about orders, order history, and timetable; thanks to these each agent could monitor and manage your entire customer base. Especially:

  • In the orders section, the agent can filter by customer and track the status of all orders of that customer, this allows it to provide information in real-time to its customers;

  • Inside the order history section, the agent can see all the past orders of a specific customer, but that’s not all. The salesman, with just one click, can add to the cart all the products of a past order, allowing to save him a lot of time finding the right products.

  • Thanks to a link between the Dentaurum platform and database, each payment deadline is updated, making it easier and faster for the agent to recover the payment status of orders. 

3. Orders just in a click

The cart is the functionality that simplifies the order process as much as possible. Why doing many calls or send emails to the administration when you can do that with just a click? The agent can see all the carts saved for each customer, decide at the moment whether to apply a discount or other offers and, with a click, he can create the order, that will arrive directly to the administration

4. Innovative brand

Thanks to the catalog section, it is possible to find immediately a product thanks to the search by name or by code. This allows the agent to save much time and the customer will have the information in the shortest time, so he will also be more satisfied.

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