Case Study

Mi promo Sula

It is not just a promotion campaign App: cookbook, advent calendar and manual to carry out activities.

  • Customer: Tetra Pak
  • Sector: Food & Beverage
  • Service: iOS & Android Dev, System integration, Back-end
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Team Size: 3
  • Product / integration: MBurger, MPush, Engagement platform, Tetra Pak backend
Customer & Challenge

Sula is a Central American company that produces dairy drinks and fruit juices, packaged in Tetra Pak solutions. The customer, during the Christmas period, decided to create a promotion campaign to connect with their consumers and with the support of Mumble was able to make the project more innovative, thanks to a Mobile App that combined gamification with other stimulating activities. Which ones? Let’s find out together.

“Takeaway” Solution

1. Mobile App Overview

Mumble supported the Customer by creating a Mobile App that would allow users to participate in the promotion in a simple and quick way. To engage and entertain users, additional sections have been designed within the app, such as the recipe book, the advent calendar and a manual for making Christmas decorations.

2. Scan & Win

Thanks to the Scan & Win feature, users can scan the QR code present on the Sula packs and, by participating in fun games, win one of the many prizes. This feature is made possible through Connected Package platform integration, a Tetra Pak technology that prints unique codes on the packages. A geo-location based security system has also been developed with the intention of discouraging users from playing in stores, reducing the chances of fraud.

3. Recipes and Christmas specialities

he ‘game’ feature is definitely addictive and fun, but it’s not the only one. Thanks to the recipe book, in fact, users have at hand many Christmas recipes, with ingredients, procedures and useful information. The Sula Contents Team was able to update or insert new recipes in complete autonomy, thanks to a simple CMS Headless.

4. Every day a surprise

A symbol that cannot miss in the Christmas period is the advent calendar. Users got involved every day because of this: they recived a push notification, got into the app and get the advice of the day, for example “what style to choose for your Christmas decorations“. Sula could send or schedule push notifications with the engagement platform provided by Mumble.

5. Watch, learn and… create

What’s better than spending a Sunday in December creating DIY Christmas decorations? Users had a real manual with different tutorials to make Christmas decorations using simple objects. The manual contained many creative ideas for reusing, for example, the packaging of products purchased.

Technology Stack
  • Android/iOS: Flutter Dart

The Mobile App, built on Flutter technology, has allowed a significant reduction in development time. The integration with MBurger has allowed the Customer to manage the content on the App autonomously, keeping it always up to date and interesting. The sweepstakes, however, were provided thanks to the integration with the back-end of Tetra Pak, which allowed the management of game mechanics, user registration and prize management.

App downloads
Active users per month

“It’s very pleasant having Mumble as a business partner, as they are customer-centric company, they’ve always be willing to satisfy our customers’ and our own needs. We’ve never received a “no” as an answer, if something is not ready they find the way to provide it. Their role in the development of different projects across the region has been critical and they’ve have supported us in our journey of connecting with our consumers and successfully position our customers brands and ours as innovative and disruptive.”
Karen B.


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