US Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States Government is a federal agency that provides health services to military veterans at VA medical centers and clinics located in all countries.


Firebase Integration
• Android dev
• iOS dev

The Challenge

Mindfulness Coach is a mobile application designed for people who may feel emotionally uncomfortable and for those who want to keep their coping practices up to date. Furthermore, the app can be used by patients who want to improve live therapy meetings or just for all the people who need Mindfulness tools.

The Solution

Mumble was commissioned to develop the mobile application, thanks to which, Veterans will be able to practice Mindfulness exercises, which are useful for reducing stress and coping with unpleasant thoughts and emotions.

The application provides users with a theoretical basis to learn about Mindfulness and practical exercises to apply it, strategies to help overcome personal challenges, reminders to support the practice, and an exercise log to track progress.

Mindfulness Coach was developed by integrating some features of Google Firebase, such as Real Time Database, Remote Config and Cloud Storage.

Real Time Database

Thanks to the integration with  Real Time Database, customers are able to update the contents of some exercises available on the app in real time without having to send change requests to the code, thus eliminating the long wait time for approvals.

Remote Config

With Remote Config, it’s possible to activate, deactivate or change entire mobile application sections, or make them visible only from a predefined audience.

Cloud Storage

One of the necessary requirements of Mindfulness Coach was to make the contents usable even in an off-line environment. Thanks to the integration with Cloud Storage, users are able to practice Mindfulness exercises even without a network.

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