Modena Volley is not just a sports center.

Modena Volley is a volleyball team.

Emphasizing the individual instead of the team? No, this is a different type of sport. It’s a sport where no one can be crushed without someone who is raised. Where no one can be raised without someone to be received.


The Challenge

Modena Volley, an excellent company in the national and international sports scene, wanted to increase its exposure to the digital audience. The group therefore decided to develop a simple and intuitive mobile application, which would allow its users to access in-depth content and some exclusive services.

Thanks to this tool, Modena Volley manages to communicate with its users and fans personally and directly, bringing communication to the next level: from one to many, to one-to-one.

  • Client: Modena Volley
  • Date: September 2018
  • Industry: Sport
  • Deliverables: Design, Server, Back-end, CMS, App iOS, App Android
  • Mumble Products: MBurger, MPush

The Solution

Mumble, which became a digital partner of Modena Volley, worked to develop the team’s first official application. Thanks to the new application, Modena Volley fans can stay in touch with the team through live match reports, results  and the calendar.

We also thought and developed some other interactive features along the way. One example is the “Stickers” feature, which allows users to take pictures, customize them with official Modena Volley stickers, and share them with their friends on popular social networks.

The best technology at the project’s service.

With the support from some of our native technologies we’re able to quickly deliver excellent products.


The technology structure for managing application contents was developed with MBurger. Thanks to this platform, development time has been reduced by 400% and time spent on fixing bugs has been eliminated.


Thanks to MPush integration, digital teams can engage audiences with unlimited push notifications. Due to the different platform functions, MPush is able to plan push notifications by scheduling them during fixed days and times. It can also link them to the app’s specific sections, such as Gallery and News.

Are you a developer or a technology enthusiast? Find out how we applied our technologies to develop this project. Discover more →


Development time reduced by 400%, due to the possibility of saving time and resources in back-ends development, CMS and server infrastructure.


Take advantage of the powerful MBurger’s CMS and publish your content independently, involving your audience with different and interactive applications.


The dynamism of the platform has allowed the app’s functionality to evolve over time, with results in just a few hours.

Central Hub

Its API-based nature has also allowed the distribution of contents on Pala Panini’s maxi-screen, through the same platform.

Scalable infrastructure

Manages large peaks of use without affecting performance and costs.

Safe By Design

Safer than ever, thanks to the API layer which reduces database assault possibilities.

Speed Usability

250 ms APIs’ call. Fast as never before, thanks to CDNs and advanced caching techniques.

As a Service Solution

Infrastructure with First League performances, but at the as-a-service cost.

Monthly Active Users

Modena Volley Review

4.8 / 5.0


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