Case Study


Mobile App

Excellent service for the customers

  • Customer: PFB
  • Settore: mechanical
  • Servizio: Mobile App
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Team Size: 4
Customer & Challenge

PFB is a company founded in 1959, market leader and specialized in the production of components for lifts. In addition to providing excellent products, we also want to offer the best service and experience related to the post purchase. The company therefore decided to create its own mobile app to simplify and facilitate the use of products because PFB, over the years, in addition to producing components has evolved continuously also under the digital aspect.

“Takeaway” Solution

1. Overview

PFB is constantly looking for innovation and began its transformation in 2017. The company’s goal is to maintain the leading position in the market not only by providing excellent products, but also by providing support tools to its customer and digitizing some internal processes. For this reason, in 2022, with the support of Mumble, it created its own mobile app.

2. One app, many functions

How to do when products need to be seen in detail? Thanks to the 360º functionality, products can be viewed from every angle, so you don’t miss a single detail. To make the experience optimal there is a QR code on the product. By framing it you can download the user manual, the certificate of conformity and that of approval, the data sheet, the product catalog and view the matching products. The user will immediately have everything he needs without having to wait for a response from the support.
Problems with the installation? The video section is designed precisely for this, helps the user in the assembly stages and to find out more about the operation of PFB products.

3. Simplifying the internal management

Assistance is often one of the most neglected areas of the company in the digitalization phase, but PFB wanted to streamline customer care processes. Before the user requested the documentation to the support and the operators had to search and send the requested material. This involved long waiting times for the customer and research time for the support team. As we said, by scanning the QR Code the user can immediately find all the documents and information he needs, improving his experience and optimizing the internal process.

” Mumble represents absolute excellence in digital, a team of young people always looking for the best solutions for any need in the online world. Without them, our work would be much more challenging and demanding.”
Riccardo B.


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